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Auburn, IN 46706-0444
(219) 925-9493 ext 8


1. Not-for-Profit Organizations
bulletFREE text (200 words or less, no graphics) on list of DeKalb County not-for-profit organizations.
bulletFREE links to not-for-profit web pages hosted on DCN space..
bullet1 megabyte web space (can hold 50-150+ pages of text similar to this page) @ $20.00 per month.
bulletEach additional 5 megabytes @ $20.00 each per month.
bullet(Optional) $10.00 per month charge for Domain Name Service (DNS) hosting on DCN drive space. (see below on DNS registration)
2. Cities, Towns, County Government, Public Schools, Public Libraries
bullet1 megabyte hard drive space FREE.
bulletAdditional 5 megabytes (minimum) @ $25.00 per month.
bulletEach additional megabyte @ $5.00 per month.
bulletFREE domain hosting service.
bulletFREE links to local government sites, even if not hosted on DCN space.
3. Industrial, Retail and Service Businesses (For-Profit Entities)
bulletDisplay of logo: $5.00 per month charge per square inch (based on 80 dpi for 14-inch monitor). Minimum 1 square inch; maximum 6 square inches (see sample below).
bullet$5.00 per month charge for link to company website (or html page) from DCN front page or online mall.
4. Subscription Rates for Local Internet Access-- through CTLnet of Fort Wayne

Personal Accounts:
bulletBronze / $9.95 per month for 20 hours; $2.50 per hour charge beyond 20 hours.
bulletSilver / $19.95 per month unlimited access. 2 e-mail addresses plus personal web page (see below).

Business Accounts:
bulletGold Lite / $74.95 per month unlimited access for up to 5 users.
bulletGold / $149.95 per month unlimited access for up to 10 users.

5. Personal Pages
bulletSilver account subscribers: no additional charge.
bulletBronze account subscribers: $35.00 per year.
6. Web Site Development and Hosting
bulletCTLnet of Fort Wayne offers comprehensive web site development and hosting services for DeKalb County businesses and organizations. Call 219-426-4300 for more information

Sample 1" Logo:
$5.00 / Month
This much space can be yours for only $5.00 a month
Sample 3 in2 logo with link:
$20.00 / Month
Link to

DCN charges $10 / Month for DNS service for sites hosted on DCN Disk Space, however, the cost of obtaining a Domain Name is not included. InterNIC charges $35/year, with 2 years up front. CTLnet will handle the paperwork necessary for $87.00.

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Last Updated October 03, 1999