DeKalb Community Network, Inc.
Meeting Minutes
April 26, 1999

Call to Order:  Chuck Ort called the meeting to order.

Randy Fox, DeKalb EMS
Donn Bly, D. Bly Consulting
Sean Harroff, Garrett Public Library
Steve Bingham, City of Garrett
Tara Chaffin, Administrative Coordinator
Chuck Ort, County Commissioner
Connie Miles, County Commissioner
Don Kaufman, County Commissioner
Sharon Hayes, County Auditor
Derald Kruse, County Attorney
Pete Kempf, Mid-City Office Systems

Minutes of Previous Meeting:  Steve Bingham moved to approve the minutes.   Second by Pete Kempf.  Motion carried unanimously.

Financial Report:  Tara Chaffin reported the following balance in the DCN checking account:  $250.21.  It was reported that the DCN savings balance is $5,369.37.   Pete Kempf moved to approve the following claims:  $500 for the management stipend, $55 for printer toner cartridge.  Second Donn Bly.  Motion carried unanimously.

Administrative Coordinator Report:  Tara reported that she has not yet heard if the DeKalb County Community Foundation grant has been approved.  She expects to find out by the beginning of May.  Tara continues to work on the tri-fold brochures and expects to finish soon.  Tara reported that she has circulated a press release requesting information from community groups for a community calendar.

ISP Discussion:  Proposals for web hosting were received from Ft. Wayne Internet.   CTLnet continues to host the DCN website at no charge.  CTLnet has not yet reported differences between unbilled services and rebates not paid to DCN.  Donn Bly reported that he hopes to find a local site that will host the DCN page.  This will allow him to install adequate statistic software and quickly correct technical problems himself with the web server.

Audience participation:  Nothing offered from the floor.

Next Meeting Date:  The meeting was adjourned.  The next meeting was scheduled for May 24th at 2:00pm at the DeKalb Co. Courthouse.  Commissioners Court on the 2nd floor.

Respectfully Submitted,
Sean M. Harroff

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