DeKalb Community Network, Inc.
Meeting Minutes
March 22,1999

Call to Order:  Chuck Ort called the meeting to order.

Attendance:  Randy Fox, DeKalb EMS
                      Donn Bly, D. Bly Consulting
                      Sean Harroff, Garrett Public Library
                      Ken Crague, Butler Public Library
                      Steve Bingham, City of Garrett
                      Tara Chaffin, Administrative Coordinator
                      Chuck Ort, County Commissioner
                      Connie Miles, County Commissioner
                      Sharon Hayes, County Auditor
                      Derald Kruse, County Attorney
                      Bruce Damerell, County Tech. Coordinator
                      Steve Carender, Fort Wayne Internet
                      John Shields, CTLnet

Minutes of Previous Meeting:  Ken Crague moved to approve the minutes.  Second Steve Bingham.  Motion carried unanimously.

Financial Report:  Tara Chaffin reported the following balance in the DCN checking account:  $154.40.  It was reported that the DCN savings balance is $5,869.37.   Donn Bly moved to approve the following claims:  $500 for the management stipend.  Second Ken Crague.  Motion carried unanimously.

Administrative Coordinator Report:  Tara reported that she, Donn Bly and Pete Kempf completed a grant proposal that was submitted to the DeKalb County Community Foundation.  The three primary funding requests in the grant are:  purchase and installation of a community calendar, development and hosting of websites for non-profit organizations, and development of historical web content.  Tara furthered that she is continuing to work on DCN site content and is producing a tri-fold brochure to distribute around the county.

ISP Discussion:  Presentations were delivered by representatives from two Internet Service Providers.  John Shields of CTLnet is currently working to reconcile differences between unbilled services and rebates not paid.  He continued that billing problems have been resolved and that new lines have been added in Garrett.   He indicated that CTLnet will continue to host the DeKalbnet site at no charge.   Steve Carender of Fort Wayne Internet discussed his involvement with the Huntington County Community Network and the positive working relationship that HCCN has experienced with Fort Wayne Internet.  He indicated that Fort Wayne Internet will submit a proposal to DCN outlining several partnership options between DCN and Fort Wayne Internet.

Audience Participation:  Nothing offered from the floor.

Next Meeting Date:  The meeting was adjourned.  The next meeting was scheduled for April 26th at 2:00pm at the DeKalb County Courthouse, Commissioners Court on the second floor.

Respectfully submitted,
Sean M. Harroff

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