DeKalb Community Network
Meeting:  December 7, 1998

Call to Order:   By consent of the members present, Donn Bly, in the absence of Chuck Ort, convened the meeting at 2pm.

Roll Call:  The Board members and associates were present:
Ken Crague, Butler Public Library
Steve Bingham, City of Garrett
Tara Chaffin, Administrative Coordinator
Connie Miles, County Commissioner
Mary Bowman, County Auditor
Derald Kruse, County Attorney
Phil Haberkorn
Donn Bly, D. Bly Consulting
Randy Fox, DeKalb EMS

Minutes of Previous Meeting: Ken Crague moved to approve.  Second by Steve Bingham.  Motion carried unanimously.
Financial Report: Discussion re:  DCN Finances.  Need to transfer funds from Access Indiana account to DCN checking account.  $7,619.37 in AI funds on hand.  $12.10 in DCN account.
Motion by Ken Crague to transfer $500.00 from Access Indiana account to DCN checking.   Second by Steve Bingham.  Motion adopted unanimously.
Administrative Coordinator Report:  Tara Chaffin reported that there seemed to be more interest in the DCN website.  Discussion regarding promotional activities.
Tara also mentioned that she would be available through the first six months of 1999 and expressed her interest in staying on as Administrative Coordinator.
Motion by Ken Crague to extend Administrative Coordinator contract with Tara Chaffin through June 30, 1999.  Second by Steve Bingham.  Motion adopted unanimously.
DCN Sustainability Issues: 
Discussion regarding CTLnet and money owed for rebates. 
Question regarding how much money Mid-City Office Systems would want to host DCN site.
Bingham asked about funding options.  Tara stated that the DeKalb Community Foundation will again accept applications in the Spring.
Ken Crague stated that the Dekko Foundation's funding priority currently is for education projects for up to age 18.
Site Content:  Tara continuing to develop Newcomers Guide on DCN site.  Has added government pages.  Discussion regarding links to Indiana Code municipal officials pages, links to State Representatives; posting entire County Code on site.
Discussion regarding advertising on site, both business card size and full pages.   Donn Bly mentioned possibly listing DeKalb County businesses that are on-line.   Tara mentioned real estate listings for DeKalb County.
Audience Participation:  Nothing offered from the floor.
Next Meeting Date:  The meeting was adjourned.  The next meeting was scheduled for January 4, 1999, 2pm at the DeKalb County Courthouse, Commissioners Court on the second floor. 
Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 2:52 pm.

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