DeKalb Community Network, Inc.
January 25, 1999
Meeting Minutes

Call to Order:  Pete Kempf, vice-president, in the absence of Chuck Ort, president, convened the meeting at 2:07 pm.

Roll Call:  The board members and associates were present:
Pete Kempf, Mid-City Office Systems
Steve Bingham, City of Garrett
Tara Chaffin, Administrative Coordinator
Connie Miles, County Commissioner
Sharon Hayes, County Auditor
Derald Kruse, County Attorney
Phil Haberkorn
Donn Bly, D. Bly Consulting
Randy Fox, DeKalb EMS

Minutes of Previous Meeting:  Donn Bly moved to approve.   Second by Randy Fox.  Motion carried unanimously.

Financial Report: Tara Chaffin, Administrative Coordinator, stated that $7,119.37 was in the Auditor's DCN account, and $264.00 in the DCN payroll account.   She stated that the Post Office fee was due ($22.00) and recommended that $750.00 be transferred from the Auditor's account to the payroll account.  Motion by Donn Bly to transfer $750.00 from Auditor's account to DCN checking.  Second by Randy Fox.   Motion adopted unanimously.  Pete Kempf is to sign Tara's accounts payable forms for submission to Sharon Hayes.

Administrative Coordinator Report:  Discussion regarding tax documentation DCN my need to submit.  Problems with CTLnet DCN email account.   Inquiry from Channel 39 regarding items of interest in DeKalb County.

Site Content:  Tara stated that she is continuing to add new items to the DCN website.  Donn Bly stated that the County Code is now available for review on the Internet.  He has spent 60 hours formatting the code for presentation via the DCN site.  No link is yet available from the DCN site yet, he encouraged Board members to review.

DCN Sustainability Issues:  Randy Fox stated that he had discussed several items with Ellis Johnson, CTLnet.  He stated that Ellis wants to address the DCN Board.  Tara states that she is still receiving billing complaints re:  CTLnet.  Pete Kempf states that other ISP's have indicated an interest in expanding operations in DeKalb County.  Discussion ensued regarding operating agreements between DCN and ISP's, and possible alternative hosts for the DCN website.   Pete Kempf discussed multi-listing service for DeKalb County Realtors.

Audience Participation:  Nothing offered from the floor.

Next Meeting Date: The Board determined that it will now hold meetings the fourth Monday of each month.  The next meeting was scheduled for February 22, 1999, at 2:00pm in the DeKalb County Courthouse, Commissioners Court on the 2nd floor.

Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 3:00pm.

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