DeKalb County Plan Commission
and Board of Zoning Appeals

Official / Manager: Sally Rowe, Building Commissioner / Zoning Administrator
Phone: 260-925-1923
Fax: 260-927-4791

Office Location / Address

301 South Union Street
Auburn, Indiana 46706-2351. 

Located at the southwest corner of 9th and Union Streets one block southeast of the DeKalb County Courthouse.

Office Hours:

Office hours are generally 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday.  The office is closed for County-recognized holidays.  Since this is an office with a small  staff.  We recommend that you call ahead to make sure someone will be in the office when you arrive, so as to not to have to make another trip.

Office Description / Purpose:

Created by the County Commissioners in 1964, the DeKalb County Plan Commission is responsible for administering the County ordinances regarding land use.  To guide the Plan Commission, the County Commissioners adopted a Master Plan in December 1964 that has since been amended.  

The Master Plan, as amended, includes the following:


Land Use Plan


Zoning Ordinance


Improvement Location Permit Ordinance


Major Street or Highways Plan


Subdivision Control Ordinance


Flood Plain Management Ordinance


Development Plan Ordinance. 

After the establishment of the Plan Commission and the adoption of the Zoning Ordinance, the Board of Zoning appeals (BZA) was created in 1965 as required by law.  It is the BZA's function to hear cases involving requests for variances from the requirements of the Zoning Ordinance and to rule on the granting of Special Exceptions for specific types of land uses.  The jurisdiction of both the Plan Commission and BZA includes the unincorporated portion of the County (i.e. that land outside of the incorporated cities and town) and the Town of Corunna.  The Plan Commission and the BZA may also share responsibility with those cities and towns that have exercised all or part of their extra-territorial jurisdiction.

Information available:


Copies of the County Master Plan and of specific ordinances. 


Property zoning classification in the Plan Commissions' Jurisdiction. 


Lists of Improvement Location Permits and Certificates of Occupancy issued.

Services Provided:


Issue Improvement Location Permits for new structures or additions to existing structures. 


Approval by the Plan Commission of Re-zoning, Subdivision and Development Plan applications. 


Approval by the BZA of Variance and Special Exception application. 


Issue zoning verification letters for title work.   May eventually be able to offer other reports relating to land use depending on what information is needed, if we have that information and if we have the time/means to research and create the report (the fee depends on the work required).

Fee Schedule:



bulletCopy of Master Plan
bulletImprovement Location Permits (including cost of Occupancy Permit):
bulletResidential structure, accessory building, pond or additions thereto.
bulletCommercial / industrial (new structure or
addition to existing structure)

$0.01 per square foot, with a $50.00 minimum and a $200.00 maximum.

bulletAppeal Petition, BZA
bulletDevelopment Plan Petition, Plan Commission
bulletDivision of Land Petition
bulletModify Restrictions / Conditions
bulletSimple Division Petition
bulletSubdivision Petition

$200.00 for first two lots + $10.00 for each additional lot.

bulletSpecial Exception, BZA
bulletHome Workshop or Dependent Parent
bulletAmendment to Previous Special Exception
bulletShopping Center
bulletAll Others
bulletZoning Ordinance Amendment
bulletRequest for Special Meeting, Plan Commission and BZA

Note: Fees subject to change as provided by law.

Meeting Schedules:

The DeKalb County Plan Commission meets regularly on the third Wednesday of every month, at 7:00 PM, in Commissioners Court of the Dekalb County Courthouse, 100 South Main Street, Auburn, Indiana. 

The DeKalb County Board of Zoning Appeals meets regularly on the second Monday of every odd-numbered month (January, March, May, July, September, November) at 7:00 PM, in Commissioners Court of the Dekalb County Courthouse. 

Both the Plan Commission and BZA do hold additional or "special" meetings as the members' schedules allow.  How often these special meeting are held is determined by the number of petitions pending and the availability of open hearing slots on our regular meeting schedule.  For those projects needing a quicker resolution, a petitioner may request and pay the fee for a special meeting, thereby possibly obtaining an earlier hearing. 

Other Information:

Please note that permits are required from this office and/or the Building Department for most types of improvements to property including building, or adding to, structures, building, or adding to, ponds/wetlands, and many remodeling jobs. 

Proper zoning approvals are required for business operations for all properties in the DeKalb County Plan Commission jurisdiction.  Please contact us before constructing new structures, adding to existing structures or operating a business from a property to determine the proper requirements.

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