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DeKalb County Extension Office
215 East Ninth Street, Suite 300
Auburn, Indiana 46706
Phone:  260-925-2562
Hours:  8:30am-4:30pm, Monday-Friday

shamrok.wmf (1048 bytes)4-H is an organization designed for all boys and girls currently in grades 3-12 this year.

 shamrok.wmf (1048 bytes)4-H members join a club and will "learn by doing" as they work with one or more worthwhile projects, together with the help of parents and adult leaders.  By following instructions in the project manuals, they will learn to make or grow something, care for an animal, or learn fascinating facts about a specific topic. 

shamrok.wmf (1048 bytes)4-H is a great opportunity to make new friends!   Members attend meetings, and can take part in programs, activities, camps, demonstrations, educational tours, and judging contests.  The only cost to the 4-H member is for supplies needed to complete their projects.  Individual clubs may have dues, however.

shamrok.wmf (1048 bytes)Although enrollments are not due until April 1, most clubs will have their first 4-H meetings in early March.  You are encouraged to contact the leader of the club you want to join, by the end of February, to find out when and where the club meets.

What do the H's stand for?

Head, Heart, Hands, and Health

What is the 4-H Member's Pledge?

"My HEAD to clearer thinking"
"My HEART to greater loyalty"
"My HANDS to larger service"
"My HEALTH to better living for my club, community, country, and world"

What is a 4-H Club?

A Club is a group of boys and girls who meet to learn about different subjects and do activities.  In traditional 4-H, clubs also elect officers and learn about leadership.

Who are the leaders?

Leaders are members of the community who volunteer their time to help young people.  Leaders always need the cooperation and assistance of members and parents.

Who Sponsors 4-H?

The cooperative Extension Service of Purdue University through the local Extension Office cooperating with the DeKalb County 4-H Council.

4-H Projects Available Include:

All-Terrain Vehicles

Arts and Crafts











Forestry Garden Genealogy Goats
Horse and Pony Photography Poultry Rabbits
Rocketry Sheep Swine Weather
Weeds Wildlife Woodworking Plus many, many more!

What do I have to do to Join 4-H and Compete in DeKalb County?

shamrok.wmf (1048 bytes)Contact the leader of the club you wish to join to find out about meetings.

shamrok.wmf (1048 bytes)Enrollment forms available from the Extension Office or 4-H leaders.  Completed forms must be in the Extension Office by April 1.

shamrok.wmf (1048 bytes)Complete your recordbook and turn in to your 4-H leader.   You are encouraged to complete at least one project, have it judged and exhibit at the Fall Fair.

shamrok.wmf (1048 bytes)To be eligible to exhibit, members must attend at least 2 club meetings by their exhibit time, whether that be summer or fall.  If a member signs up for a project with a county club, they must belong to that county club and, therefore, attend 2 club meeting to be eligible to exhibit.

Township Clubs:

Butler/Keyser Township "4-H Cloverleafs":
Garry, Sheryl Thrush-357-5237
Terry, Andrea Yarde-357-5542
Lon, Kay Fritz-357-3409
Rob, Becky Knott-637-6141
Concord/Spencer/Newville Township"4-H Power":
Mark, Donna Crow-337-5642
Fairfield Township "Fairfield Farmers":
Cathy Aldrich-281-2092
"Fairfield Livewires":
Kris Anderson-281-2625
Franklin Township "Franklin Busy Bees":
Mike, Becky Slentz-868-5447
Pat, Sue Tyler-488-2088
"Franklin Trailblazers":
Bill, Kris Fry-488-6351
Dale, Connie Moughler-837-7596
Grant Township "Waterloo Rascals":
Lynn Weathers-837-6351
Laura Landers-281-2375
Jackson Township "Jackson Blue Ribbons":
John, Sue Stoops-925-3560
Richland Township "Richland Cornhuskers":
David, Deb Haynes-357-4624
Kelly Wallace-281-2767
Smithfield Township "Smithfield Busy Bees":
Christine Brand-587-3765
Kim Nusbaum-587-3103
"Smithfield Spartans":
Extension Office-925-2562
Troy Township "Troy Hustlers":
Nancy Scoville-868-2828
Denise Shepherd-868-5875
Wilmington Township "Nevershirk":
Judy Munsey-868-2725
Joan Hursh-925-0617
Union Township "Classic City 4-H'ers":
Mary Mondor-925-3750
Donna Meschberger-925-2937
"4-H Pals":
Laura Heigl-868-5685

County Clubs:

Jennifer Seiler-925-8687
Becky Coats-868-5970
Rhonda Coburn-238-4323
Draft Horse:
Mark, Linda Carunchia-357-6237
Angie Thimlar-868-2831
Horse and Pony:
Extension Office-925-2562

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