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DeKalb Community Network, Inc.
P.O. Box 444
Auburn, Indiana 46706-0444
(260) 925-9493 Ext 8

The DeKalb Community Network, Inc. (DCN) is a non-profit agency dedicated to maintaining an Internet presence for DeKalb County, Indiana, and providing community content that serves DeKalb County residents and visitors.   Contact us if you will be visiting or moving to DeKalb County, or are a resident in need of information. We gladly accept information submissions from other non-profit organizations, government agencies, schools, businesses, and community service organizations. 

The DCN was formed in the summer of 1996 as a joint effort between the DeKalb County Commissioners, Local Government Agencies, Local not-for-profit organizations, and local business leaders, with initial funding from the state Access-Indiana board and private donations.

To meet our goal of bringing as much local information about local DeKalb County communities and organizations to the web as possible,  we have secured a dedicated web server and have made alliances with local Internet Service Providers to provide low-cost dialup service to the residents of the county and web services to the various government offices and not-for-profit and service organizations.

The current Officers and Board of Directors of the DCN consists of:

bulletChuck Ort, President: DeKalb County Commissioners
bulletPete Kempf, Vice-President: Mid-City Office Systems
bulletSean Harroff, Secretary:  Garrett Public Library
bulletSteve Bingham: City of Garrett
bulletDonn Bly: D. Bly Consulting
bulletKen Crague: Butler Carnegie Public Library
bulletRandy Fox: DeKalb Memorial Hospital EMS
bulletBill Eden: Eckhart Public Library, Auburn
bulletRobert Ruch: DeKalb Eastern Schools
bulletAlan C. Middleton: Garrett-Keyser-Butler Schools
bulletPhil Haberkorn
bulletSallie Pease: Waterloo Grant Township Public Library

Acting Adminstrative Coordinator
Donn Bly

The Board of Directors meet the fourth Monday of each month at 2:00 PM, in the Commissioner's Court on the 2nd floor of the DeKalb County Courthouse, 100 South Main Street, Auburn, Indiana. The public is invited to attend

We at the DCN would love to help you bring your organization online.

This page last updated November 23, 2009